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About Me.

My true passion lies in crafting profound product experiences, driven by a firm belief in design's capacity to not only solve problems but also weave compelling narratives. My portfolio spans a diverse spectrum, ranging from consumer electronics to automobiles, wherein I've meticulously shaped captivating designs and fostered brand identities for both prominent and smaller-scale clients. The collaborative aspect of my work, where I engage with designers globally, adds an enriching dimension that I wholeheartedly embrace, and this synergy has garnered international accolades and honors.

My journey started as a mechanical engineering enthusiast, a "petrol head" if you will, with an inherent affinity for the intricate workings of machines. However, this love gradually transformed into something deeper – empathy, a driving force that ultimately steered me towards a thriving career in industrial design. Acquiring a master's degree in this field was a natural progression, enabling me to seamlessly blend functionality with boundless creativity, always in pursuit of that harmonious equilibrium.

Beyond the confines of my professional domain, you'll often find me at the gym, diligently pushing my physical boundaries. Yet, my ultimate elation is derived from participating in sports or immersing myself in the great outdoors.



Master's Degree - MDes

Industrial Design
National Institute of Design

National Institute of Design (NID) is internationally acclaimed as one of the finest educational and research institutions for Industrial Design. The multi-disciplinary learning environment at NID help students conceive, ideate and eventually communicate their design ideas in the best possible manner.


Bachelors' Degree

Mechanical Engineering 
SKN COE - Pune University

Mechanical engineering course is a versatile course that by some means affects everyone's life. The course involves engineering concepts to the manufacturing, designing, maintenance and analysis of machines



Automobile Designer


At Bajaj, I get to work with some of the best award-winning Designers all over the world in the field of Automobile Design. As Designers, we work on multiple brands under Bajaj and are responsible for designing and presenting our designs to the top management of the company


Automobiles, Visual com.

I have worked with a few Automobile start ups based in Europe, China and India. I have also worked in domains like Branding, Packaging, Visual communication, Digital marketing for retail brands in FMCG


Red Dot Design Award

Best of the Best

2022 - Singapore

Project 'Ori - Your Everyday Light" was awarded Red Dot Award. The distinction “Red Dot” has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.

Red Dot Design Award


2022 - Singapore

Project 'Plus Bottles' was finalist for the Red dot design concept and was presented to the final Jury for the Final Award selection

LIT Design Award

Grand Winner 

2021 - Greece

Project 'Ori - Your Everyday Light" was awarded with Emerging Lighting Product Design of the year - 2020

Centro Brazil Design Award 

TISDC - Product design category

2020 - Taiwan

Project ' Plus Bottles' received a Special Award. TISDC is among the biggest design competition in the world with students from more than 64 countries participating with more than 20,000 projects submitted

APEV - Electric Vehicle design

International Finalist

2019 - Japan

Project ' Orbit' was among the top ten finalists of the APEV - EV design contest and was presented in the Tokyo Motor Show - 2019 

SIAM - Automobile design

National Winner

2019 - India

Project 'Em.brace' was awarded by the Society of India Automobile Manufacturers as a Iconic vehicle for India

BIAL Hackathon


2017 - India

Bangalore International Airport Limited award the project for improving the overall experience of the new T2 International terminal

IFB packaging design

competition - Finalist

2017 - India

Redesigned packaging for IFB essential range of products.


I'm ready to work with new people and collaborate on projects, so if you are interested in working with me or just say Hi, don't be shy and drop a line

Tel: +91 9637532326

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